The TWO Dark Horses in This Race

The cannabis industry is booming and everyone wants to get a share of it. With the industry offering investors numerous investment opportunities, lab testing remains one of the best entry points into the cannabis industry. But how can a real estate company invest in lab testing without getting into the cannabis business directly? The truth […]

Pete Asmus

September 20, 2018

Why Investing in Funds Is Better Than Doing It Yourself

Funds in their vast rich diversity are a steady and sure way of enjoying returns on your investments. Unfortunately many willing investors lack the necessary time and skills to invest in stocks and other financial instruments. However, if you fall under this category, you honestly have no reason to worry because you can still trust […]

Pete Asmus

September 18, 2018

Ways in Which Cannabis is Impacting America’s Commercial Real Estate

The rise of the cannabis industry impacts commercial real estate in many ways because it provides working spaces for everything from growing and testing the products to retail operation. Essentially real estate is the entire backbone of the operation, as this young cannabis industry requires space to grow, manufacture and sell its products. With such […]

Pete Asmus

September 7, 2018

Top Challenges Facing Research in the US Cannabis Industry

Research is an essential tool for the development and success of any industry. With the cannabis industry still in its infantile stages, research plays a significant role in fostering its growth and success. For example, research is a great way of arming America’s legalization crusaders with the necessary tools to secure a federal legalization. The […]

Pete Asmus

August 24, 2018

Cannabis Legalization and Decriminalization: What are the Differences and Ramifications?

What crosses your mind when you hear the word “cannabis?” For many Americans they have a picture of a criminal, “evil”, illegal substance and cannot fathom fully how we can have cannabis operating without a criminal #hashtag. In this post, I will explain how people can use cannabis at different levels without bearing a criminal […]

Pete Asmus

August 15, 2018

Legalized Cannabis for Safer Use: What Are the States Doing?

Even though our government lost the war against drugs, which included cannabis, we have not lost the war to legalize it. This means that the question is not whether our individual states and federal government will legalize cannabis or not. Instead, it is a matter of when they will. So, I welcome to this discussion […]

Pete Asmus

August 8, 2018