Top 5 Ways in Which Cannabis Can Revolutionize Your Health

Despite all the age-long deceptions about cannabis, the plant’s benefits by far outweigh its side effects. That is why it is necessary to look at it from a usage, and not an abuse, angle. This way, it will be easy to appreciate and optimize its many benefits, which include health-related ones. In this post, I […]

Pete Asmus

July 11, 2018

Legalizing Cannabis: How is the US Comparing to Other Developed Nations?

It is official. We have lost the war on drugs, which greatly targeted the use of cannabis among Americans. Moreover, the lost war has left America with a sour wound at the local and international level. Locally, we have wasted billions of dollars trying to arrest and jail peaceful cannabis users. Internationally, we are now […]

Pete Asmus

July 3, 2018

Cannabis Legalization: What are the Underlying Currents?

Change is happening across the United States. It is emanating from our society itself following the fall of the legal “iron curtain” that was imposed upon cannabis for many generations.  Consequently, we grew up with legal stigmatization towards cannabis and its use. The existing laws that misdefined, miscategorized and misinterpreted the plant have had a […]

Pete Asmus

June 28, 2018

Cannabis Legalization and Decriminalization: What are the Differences and Ramifications?

What crosses your mind when you hear the word “cannabis?” Many Americans think of an evil, criminal and illegal substance. Moreover, millions of Americans cannot fathom fully how we can have cannabis operating without a criminal hash tag. In this article, I will discuss how many people are now using cannabis without the negative stigma […]

Pete Asmus

June 24, 2018

Marijuana: 5 Health Benefits They Neither Want You to Know nor Enjoy

Can you remember the first or last time you saw a fake 43 dollar bill? Definitely, you can’t because we don’t have an original 43 dollar bill. The same principle also applies to the abuse of anything, including cannabis. The existence of abuse signals the existence of intended use. This means that it is necessary […]

Pete Asmus

June 21, 2018

Legal Marijuana: Trends and Ripples that are Impacting America’s Real Estate

With the legalization and decriminalization of cannabis sweeping the country and world at large, the green weed is causing many ripples in real estate. The reason is that the realty industry is directly related to land, which is a necessity for the growth of the plant. But how is cannabis, once criminalized and demonized by […]

Pete Asmus

June 18, 2018