Article by Mark Scarola, COO of GreenZone Properties

On April 13, 2018 I attended a conference in Pittsburgh, PA on medical cannabis. Speaking there was a ten year old girl named Lily Howard and her mother, Penny. While it was interesting to hear from Penny, Lily’s story was all the more compelling because of her age. She spoke not with any political agenda, but with a sense of genuineness about her as she described the events of her younger sister’s life.

Harper Howard was diagnosed with a disorder so rare it hasn’t yet been named. Known simply by the gene it effects, CDKL5 caused little Harper to have over 40 seizures a day, starting when she was but two years old.

Although Harper lost her battle when she was only five years old, her brain was the first ever to be donated for CDKL5 research and today her cells are being studied at research facilities around the world.

Though her life was a difficult one, she did experience temporary relief with CBD (an active ingredient in cannabis). Listen as her sister Lily speaks about how “hemp helped my sister be my sister” on what would have been Harper’s eighth birthday.

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