Creating Human to Human Connections
Through Capital and Commercial Real Estate
In The Cannabis Industry


Who We Are

GreenZone 360 is a global investment management team located in Murrieta, Ca., that has focused 360˚ on the cannabis industry.

We have a VISION in the next 5-8 years is to become the largest Landholder of Green Zoned Properties and give both accredited and non-accredited investors an opportunity to become involved

Our MISSION is to accomplish this through the acquisition of commercial real estate properties we can then sell or lease-back to qualified tenants in the Cannabis Industry.  

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What We Do

Through our various funds at GreenZone, we offer investments in,  [real estate only] portfolios and diversified portfolios of vertically integrated businesses [covering the entire industry.]   We realize that you couldn’t just own one part of this industry if you wanted to truly be successful, you had to be vertically integrated.

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Are you interested in finding out more about what our projects look like or do you want to see a deal?  Then click the button below and check out our Opportunities page!  We are looking for Accredited AND Non-Accredited Investors for our projects.

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Pete is a dynamic speaker with deep knowledge of real estate and cannabis investments. He has been featured on many major television networks including NBC, CBS, and FOX, Bloomberg Radio, Investor Quarterly and so much more.  His explosive energy inspires and educates and he can bring his expertise and enthusiasm to your live event, webinar, TV show or podcast.

“Pete is an awesome and dynamic guy, speaker and connector. He’s one of those guys that you can’t get enough of, and can’t help but feel inspired by when you’re around him. Make an effort to be around him!” Mike Hambright, Investor Launchpad

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