The widespread acceptance of medical cannabis across American states makes the marijuana industry one of the hottest performers on the stock market — fast. However, the term “hot” means you should avoid the rush and know how to handle it to avoid burning your fingers. Remember, even fire — hot and beneficial — requires skilled and careful handling. Likewise, hot cannabis stocks need the same approach to avoid unnecessary financial catastrophes. In this post, I will discuss the proven vehicles to invest in and how to capitalize on the emerging medical cannabis stocks in 2019. 

Hot Cannabis Stocks


Since medical cannabis is the oldest wing of legalized cannabis, it is also its most mature wing. Therefore, some of the hottest stocks in the industry revolve on pharmaceuticals. If you want to capitalize on this medical cannabis wing’s potential, you have several companies with promising stocks. For instance, Terra Tech (TRTC) operates via subsidiaries and medical facilities that provide high-quality cannabis to patients. It focuses on alternative treatments of chronic diseases in Nevada and California. CV Sciences (CVSI) is another company you can invest in to cash in on medical cannabis stocks in 2019. It operates as a specialty pharmaceutical and a consumer products manufacturer. Moreover, the firm develops and commercializes prescription drugs using CBD (cannabidiol) as its active component.

Support and Real Estate 

Medical real estate and support is another avenue you can use to access the fast-growing medical cannabis stock market. In this category, you can invest in companies offering medical cannabis players real estate rental, logistics, management, procurement, advisory, and support services. These companies are increasing as the entire cannabis industry gains an organized form, unlike when it was underground black market cartel before legalization across our states.  

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In this category, you can invest in a company like MPX Bioceuticals (MPXEF). This firm majors in custom packaging pre-rolls and solvent-free extractions. It distributes its products using licensed producers at participating dispensaries and other retail points.  


Consultancy is the last wing of medical cannabis stocks you need to invest in come 2019. As the cannabis industry expands, we need consultants to guide emerging players and investors in a new industry that is emerging from more than 80 years of criminal stigma. Since most initial players and investors are inexperienced, consultancy is critical in minimizing costly and avoidable mistakes rookies are most likely to make. MariMed (OTCMKTS:MRMD) is one listed company exploiting this wing of medical cannabis. It assists other cannabis companies to maximize production and sales. Additionally, it intends to set up operations in Florida, New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. 

Closing Remarks  

Consultancy, real estate and support, and pharmaceuticals are three key vehicles you can use to invest in listed companies within the medical cannabis space. This post discussed them aiming to give you a solid and diversified approach to enable you to get your deserved share of the medical cannabis stock market potential. I hope you have a strong head start as you plunge into the cannabis market come 2019.