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Pete Asmus



Pete Asmus is a real estate investor who specializes in marketing, branding, and raising capital. He has a well-established history of securing capital for projects such as flipping highend residential properties and starting up small businesses. He has personally purchased and invested in mobile homes, single-family homes, restaurant franchises, and commercial buildings.

He has spent the last decade learning, teaching, and speaking, making connections and building relationships with top deal makers in the industry. He has always been driven to build platforms and strategies that he not only could personally invest in but that would also provide opportunities for other investors. His achievements have come with both successes and setbacks which Mr. Asmus has used to prove that he has the ability to not only survive the storm, but thrive.

A strong proponent of transparency and openness, he always includes his investors (who he prefers to call partners) in his decisions. When he formed The Asmus Group and its many subsidiaries, it was always his primary focus to take care of and look out for his investors, aiming at all times to create truly win/win relationships and business models.Generous by nature, Mr. Asmus has garnered a national reputation, personally training thousands of students and helping them to find the right investment opportunities to match their goals and objectives. He is also a regular public speaker and

a published author, having written Force Your Dreams into Reality, The Question Factor, and The Stock Market Refugee. Additionally, he is an editor at Investor Quarterly and an award-winning radio host. He also manages a database of over 2.5 million investors and owns the world’s largest LinkedIn real estate investment group with over half a million members.

More than a businessman, Mr. Asmus is a reliable, dependable, and loving family man whose children can frequently be seen when he’s conducting business, either sitting at a nearby table, taking pictures and video, or simply observing their father in action as he instills in them the seeds of their own future success. Of particular personal interest, Mr. Asmus is a staunch advocate for public education on Alopecia.

As CEO, Mr. Asmus will be responsible for managing all personnel, team members, and managers. He will be the primary point of contact for investors and tasked with keeping everyone continually moving forward. A licensed Realtor with a deep network Mr. Asmus is an expert at finding and identifying prime real estate. He will also work closely with his personally handpicked Board of Advisors consistent of attorneys, accountants, investors, and other consultants.

Find out more about Pete at PeteAsmus.com

Mark scarola



Mark Scarola is a real estate investor with a background in social services. In his past he created programs aimed at serving local communities, developed training programs, and was a college professor. As a licensed mental health therapist he provided therapy to people with mental health diagnoses, those impacted by sexual abuse, individuals with suicidal thoughts, and later counseled college students

Mr. Scarola has been an entrepreneur for the last eight to nine years, having established several small businesses including an investment company, an educational and networking group, and a non-profit organization that provides emotional support and whose website regularly attracts 11,000 visitors a month.

His investment company is involved primarily in mortgage notes (home loans) and rental properties. Drawing on his counseling experience he works well with distressed and struggling homeowners to find mutually beneficial solutions. He also relies on his thorough attention to detail and organizational skills in completing the necessary due diligence inherently involved with all forms of investing.Mr. Scarola graduated at the top of his college class where he was

named Senior Marshall and gave a speech to 5000 people during their commencement. He has received numerous performance based awards over the life of his career, has been a guest speaker at area events and online podcasts, and has saved his employers tens of thousands of dollars.

He has also successfully defended two theses, prepared four research manuscripts, and conducted a number of statistical analyses. He is a research grant recipient and has completed several research projects, frequently presenting his findings at local and regional conferences.

Mr. Scarola is bringing his skills to GreenZone Properties as COO to complete proposals, analyze information, and coordinate events and tasks completed by others. He will also be responsible for overseeing a smooth operation, assuring that the company stays on task and meets its deadlines, developing and maintaining strong community ties, working closely with consultants to assure legal and financial compliance, and managing others associated with the organization such as vendors and associates.


CMO – Chief Marketing Officer

Susan Tucker is chief marketing officer for GreenZone 360 and subsidiaries. In this role, Susan oversees the management of GreenZone 360’s brand, including digital marketing, marketing effectiveness, social responsibility, and media.

Susan joined GreenZone 360 in October 2018 to take on the newly created chief marketing role. Susan’s experience includes a number of verticals including travel and hospitality, print media, and start-ups.

Susan is a wife, mom and breast cancer survivor and has first-hand experience on the benefits of cannabis for health purposes. She has a passion for the legalization and safe distribution of this “miracle” plant. 

A current resident of Boulder, Colorado, Susan attended the University of South Alabama with a focus on business and marketing. 

Seth Paul Bradley


CLO – Chief Legal Officer

Seth Paul Bradley focuses his practice on commercial real estate transactions, with extensive experience in real estate finance. He represents financial institutions, investment banks and borrowers, counseling them from debt origination to closing, in a wide variety of loans, including construction loans, CMBS loans, term loans, government subsidized affordable housing loans, and revolving lines of credit. Mr. Bradley’s practice also includes representing real estate developers with the acquisition and disposition of commercial (including office buildings, retail centers, housing complexes and industrial warehouses), residential, and mixed use real estate properties, as well as representing landlords and tenants with commercial leasing. He has additional experience with land title issues, foreclosure sales, and general contract drafting and negotiation.

Previously, Mr. Bradley practiced in the real estate department of an Am Law 200 firm in Charlotte, North Carolina, as well as an Am Law 200 firm in Orange County, California.

During law school, Mr. Bradley served as Judicial Extern for The Honorable Bernard Skomal, United States Magistrate Judge for the U.S. District Court, Southern District of California. He also has previous transactional experience working at NuVasive Incorporated, an innovative, San Diego-based medical devices company, and Life Technologies Corporation, a world leading, gene sequencing biotechnology company.

Jillian sidoti


Legal Council

Jillian Sidoti, Esq. is one of the country’s leading experts on crowdfunding. Her firm, CrowdfundingLawyers.net, focuses on securities transactions with an emphasis on servicing the small business and entrepreneurs providing PPM’s, Regulation A filings, and small public offerings. Prior to her legal career, Jillian owned and operated a record label enabling her to tour worldwide with artists, worked in commercial development, and held various positions in the financial field in manufacturing, real estate, and financial services.
Jillian has taught Finance and Accounting for the BS and MBA

programs at the University of Redlands.

In 2000, Jillian completed the BS program cum laude at Northeastern University, concentrating in finance and international business. Later, Jillian earned her law degree from New England School of Law.
Jillian is the author of The Crowdfunding Myth which debunks the multiple myths surrounding crowdfunding and teaches the reader how to effectively crowdfund their securities offering.

About CrowdfundingLawyers.net

Trowbridge Sidoti LLP (CrowdfundingLawyers.net) is a boutique law firm whose area of practice includes setting up Syndications, Private Placement Offerings, Private Equity Funds, and Joint Ventures for real estate ventures and small business startups.

Trowbridge Sidoti LLP’s legal services include preparation of Private Placement Memorandums (PPMs) and investor Subscription Agreements, selecting the appropriate securities exemption, formation and structuring of legal entities, and drafting investor agreements such as limited liability company (LLC) Operating Agreements or Private Loan Documents.Trowbridge Sidoti LLP

(CrowdfundingLawyers.net) is a boutique law firm whose area of practice includes setting up Syndications, Private Placement Offerings, Private Equity Funds, and Joint Ventures for real estate ventures and small business startups.

Trowbridge Sidoti LLP’s legal services include preparation of Private Placement Memorandums (PPMs) and investor Subscription Agreements, selecting the appropriate securities exemption, formation and structuring of legal entities, and drafting investor agreements such as limited liability company (LLC) Operating Agreements or Private Loan Documents.

Shannon asmus


Executive Administrator of Alchemy Kings, Inc. | GREENZONE Properties, LLC.

Shannon knew she wanted to be an entrepreneur at a young age and started on the journey to make it happen. After beginning a traditional career in cosmetology she quickly realized it was time for a change. Shannon started exploring different industries and finding a way to make her entrepreneurial dream become a reality. Developing an extensive background in customer service, management, and sales, she repeatedly rose to the top within a few months of each tenure, growing the bottom line of each company that she was with.

At only 22 years old she became a business owner of a promotional company. Within a few months she had made enough to buy her partner out and rebranded the company, Hypnotic Productions, a business designed to boost sales in local bars. Within only six months she grew the business by 20%.

After starting a family, Shannon was motivated to once again reassess her career ambitions. Relying on her years of management, she re-focused her efforts on the tanning industry and continued to build, expand, and improve every business she touched. For example, she knew the owners of a local health club that didn’t have any tanning beds. She knew that members of a gym were the perfect target audience for a tanning business. After putting together a business plan and presenting it to the owners, she put the pieces together, enacting her plan, and made it happen. She now had her own business that in cooperation with another business helped the gym to grow and made her childhood dream of being an entrepreneur come true.

In December 2008 her husband, Pete Asmus, was becoming increasingly successful in the real estate field, which led to their and they mutual decision to combine their efforts and work together allowing them to both follow their

entrepreneurial spirits, while spending more time together and with their children. She was now using her managerial, organizational, and planning skills to build a family business while having the luxury of being able to make her own schedule and watch her children grow up without having to rely on day cares or nannies. Believing from an early age that she may not be able to have children, being intimately involved raising her children meant the realization of a second childhood dream.

Today, Shannon works remotely and helps run several successful companies as an organizer, scheduling events, planning workshops and meetings, working as a photographer, a magazine editor and radio producer. Shannon is a true Jill-of-all-Trades willing and able to do whatever is necessary to build and maintain successful business ventures. Still she manages to spend time with her children, allowing them to participate in social and school events, handling the logistics of maintaining a home, and also leads a pair of regional branches of a charitable organization where she communicates with struggling parents and children diagnosed with Alopecia while concurrently planning events that focus on social, emotional, and practical support.

Shannon is a “MOMtrepreneur” and role model for parents, women, and entrepreneurs on so many fronts. She has successfully proven that you can both be a Mom and an entrepreneur at the same time, inspiring others to reach for more in their own lives. Also Shannon saw that by including her family in every step she accomplished two things: 1. She doesn’t have to choose between spending time with her family or building her business, and 2. She is training a new generation of entrepreneurs and working towards her next goal of “raising a family of entrepreneurs that will change the world”.

Abbey rasa


Social Media Manager

Abbey attended the University of Kansas and graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing and Advertising. She has had the honor of working with some of the largest companies in the world such as ThyssenKrupp Elevator, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, Fox Sports News and the Muscular Dystrophy Association, as well as small

entrepreneurs looking to make a difference in their communities. For the past decade Abbey has helped businesses thrive and achieve their marketing goals through tried and true marketing techniques, as well as experimenting with new technology and ideas to achieve the best possible results.