What You Should Know About Investing in Marijuana Real Estate

Thinking of investing in cannabis real estate? We put together a guide of what you should know about investing in marijuana real estate. Ask around to all the major marijuana businesses that have popped up in the last decade and you’ll see that most of them look at real estate seriously. When you own your […]

Pete Asmus

April 26, 2019

How to Break Investment Barriers Among America’s Millennials

Are you an investment and wealth manager seeking to penetrate the Millennial generation segment? If you do, then you have the right target. Why? Because this nation’s economic future depends on this largest generational segment with a population fast approaching the 100 million mark. However, just as it is rightly termed as the “digital” generation, […]

Pete Asmus

March 5, 2019

Top 4 Investment and Financial Tips for America’s Millennials

The Millennials are America’s largest generation. However, some studies are showing this generation has the most anxiety about having a strong financial plan in place. In today’s post, I will dive into four investment and financial management tips that will help sharpen your financial management instinct, whether you’re Millennial or GenX’er, let’s explore these insights […]

Pete Asmus

February 12, 2019

Stock Market Got You Freaked Out? Here are 6 Alternative Investments to Consider

When the majority of people think about investing, they most likely think about buying stocks, bonds, or investing through publically traded companies. All of which are traditional investments tied to the stock market on Wall Street and managed through a broker. But with volatile markets, many investors have been looking to diversify their portfolio into safer alternatives, […]

Pete Asmus

February 1, 2019

How Commercial Real Estate Gives You a Tax Advantage in 2019

Did you know that 80% of the worlds wealthiest people gained a big bulk of their wealth through commercial real estate investments? No matter if the investment is in a small apartment or sizeable commercial building, not only is commercial real estate a smart investment, it can also give you some significant tax advantages. Read […]

Pete Asmus

January 16, 2019

Cannabis Consumption Trends: Why Smoking is Going Up in Smoke

Despite many decades of deliberate stigmatization and demonizing, the cannabis plant is fast emerging from the shackling stigma of criminality. What the system once named “the devil’s weed with roots in hell” is fast regaining its original purpose and place in human life as one of the many medicinally rich plants with roots in Divine […]

Pete Asmus

January 2, 2019