How Commercial Real Estate Gives You a Tax Advantage in 2019

Did you know that 80% of the worlds wealthiest people gained a big bulk of their wealth through commercial real estate investments? No matter if the investment is in a small apartment or sizeable commercial building, not only is commercial real estate a smart investment, it can also give you some significant tax advantages. Read […]

Pete Asmus

January 16, 2019

Protected: America’s Greenrush – Cashing in on Commercial Real Estate [Jan 2019 – Webinar Replay]

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Pete Asmus

January 11, 2019

Cannabis Consumption Trends: Why Smoking is Going Up in Smoke

Despite many decades of deliberate stigmatization and demonizing, the cannabis plant is fast emerging from the shackling stigma of criminality. What the system once named “the devil’s weed with roots in hell” is fast regaining its original purpose and place in human life as one of the many medicinally rich plants with roots in Divine […]

Pete Asmus

January 2, 2019

Top Challenges Facing Cannabis Lab Testing in the US

The safety of cannabis products is a valid concern among consumers because of possible contamination from pesticides and other factors. The recall of several products in the recent past testifies to this fact and validates the need for testing. But how can users be sure that the products they are consuming are safe for human […]

Pete Asmus

December 28, 2018

Stigma No More! How Cannabis Is Changing Lives

The cannabis industry has faced stigma and stereotyping in the past years, and this resulted in its stagnation. Back then, most of the sales and investments were done in the black market. But that is no longer the case, the use and sale of both recreational and medical marijuana have seen tremendous growth as a […]

Carl Jones

December 18, 2018

Top Ways in Which the Cannabis Industry Is Rebranding for Effective Marketing

As cannabis evolves from the infamous “stoned age” into the legalization era, its marketing also needs a high-tech edge to survive in this tech-savvy age. Cannabis is a fast growing industry, and the need for industry players to invent relevant ways of rebranding it for effective marketing is crucial. In the state of Arizona, for […]

Pete Asmus

December 17, 2018