How many one-ended sticks would you have if you subtracted one one-ended stick from ten one-ended sticks? Mathematically, the answer is nine one-ended sticks. However, despite its mathematical correctness, this answer remains ridiculous because one-ended sticks don’t exist in the real world. Sadly, this is how many Americans are today in regards to cannabis. We tend to view it from a non–existent “one-ended” stick position that erases reality from our heads. Unfortunately, the system has brainwashed us to view this plant from the abuse side, while ignoring its proper use.

Today I would like to show you the “other side of the stick” that will demolish our cherished myths. Since the very thought of having a one-ended stick is ridiculous, I will expose the ridiculous nature of these popular and highly fancied myths. So, take the backseat and let me drive you through the facts. Eventually, you will see everything from a sober and balanced perspective of what cannabis really is.

MYTH #1: It Is The “Most Dangerous Drug”

The first myth that has congealed in our minds both here in the US and abroad is that cannabis is the “most dangerous” drug. In fact, we grew up “knowing” it has “irreparable and long-term consequences.” In reality, it is safer than many prescription drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Moreover, scientific studies that debunk what society, the media and state agents have made us believe back this claim. However, this does not mean that it is 100 percent harmless, because abusing any substance categorized as a drug is harmful. For instance, cannabis abuse could result in addiction, but at a lower level than caffeine and alcohol. Also, its abuse could cause breathing discomforts even though it does not damage your lungs the way cigarettes do. Lastly, The National Institute on Drug Abuse says that its dependency probability is between 4 and 9 percent compared to alcohol’s 15 percent.

MYTH #2: It Opens “Flood Gates” For Other Hard Drugs

Another myth you need to erase from your mind is that using marijuana as your first drug opens a floodgate of addiction to other hard drugs. The truth is that more than 50 percent of Americans have tasted marijuana. Fortunately, it is common sense that over 50 percent of our population isn’t hooked on hard drugs.

According to a study by the American Medical Directors Association, pot can actually stop people from moving on to hard drugs. This study took five years and involved 125 participants who were using marijuana to relieve chronic pains. Consequently, a third of them stopped taking their prescription drugs.

MYTH #3: It Makes People Dumb

Contrary to common beliefs, marijuana does not make people dumb. According to studies, pot can have positive psychological impact because it can improve one’s mental creativity. For instance, research shows that cannabis increases one’s ability to handle tests that need creative ideas. For example, the participants in the study demonstrated better verbal fluency when they were “high.” Why? Because cannabis releases more dopamine into the brain to relax and enable it to process things effectively.

MYTH #4: Legalizing Marijuana Leads To “Social And Economic Anarchy”

The facts are that no state or country that has legalized or decriminalized pot has sunk into an abyss of chaos and lost productivity. Instead, all of them have their citizens going about their daily lives normally. Also, its regulation has only led to a safer usage environment, reduced drug abuse enforcement costs and enhanced revenue collections. For instance, one year after legalizing marijuana, Colorado experienced a 90 percent decrease in marijuana-related arrests.

MYTH #5: It Leads To “Violent Crimes”

As scary as it sounds, the facts are that a whopping 89 percent of all the frantic marijuana arrests by our police relate to mere “possession of a banned substance.” In 2015, for example, out of the 643,121 pot-related arrests, only 11 percent of them fell outside the “possession” bracket.

MYTH #6: Cannabis “Kills People”

Lastly, they told you that cannabis kills people, but that is just not so. The facts have been the same since the dawn of this great nation; not one of our government agencies has ever given us a list of people Marijuana has killed. Inversely, in 2010 alone, the US recorded 38,329 deaths resulting from a drug overdose. Sadly, 60 percent of them occurred from prescription drugs. Also, the same year recorded 25,692 deaths linked to alcohol—and yet, it is legalized and sells freely in our country!

So, What is the Point?

The point is that the facts are out and the myths are exposed. Will you believe the facts or what society, media and “the system” have conditioned you to believe?

Pete Asmus | Top Fund Manager and Investor

Pete Asmus is CEO of GreenZone360 a Global Investment Management Firm, with subsidiary entities including the Trifecta Fund, Greenzone Properties LLC and Alchemy Kings, Inc. For more about Pete Asmus and Cannabis including TV Interviews, Webinars, investment information and Books click HERE.