The cannabis industry has faced stigma and stereotyping in the past years, and this resulted in its stagnation. Back then, most of the sales and investments were done in the black market. But that is no longer the case, the use and sale of both recreational and medical marijuana have seen tremendous growth as a result of its legalization in a few states. Cannabis has quite some social, economic and medical benefits that could be of help to you.

cannabis investments

Cannabis Investments & So Much More – The Benefits of Cannabis

Investment Opportunities

With more and more states making cannabis legal, it’s not surprising the industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the U.S. WIth a growth projection of 3% to 27% over the next 5 to 10 years. Additionally, the U.S. market is poised to have an increase of up to $50 billion in legal sales before 2026. 

What that means to both accredited and non-accredited investors is that cannabis investment opportunities are ripe. From real estate and testing labs to pharmaceuticals and biotech and so many more. Cannabis investments for 2019 are hot!

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Additional Benefits of the Growing Cannabis Industry

An Excellent Source of Employment

As the industry keeps growing steadily so does the number of employment opportunities. Marijuana Business Daily estimates the growth to increase by at least 21% per year resulting in 340,000 full-time jobs by 2022. There are direct jobs that include growing, processing and distribution plus sales and secondary business opportunities that may include consulting firms, financing, and lending service firms as well as legal service providers.

It’s a Life-Saver

As hilarious as it may sound, weed saves lives. With the legalization of cannabis, there has been a significant decrease in the number of prescription fatalities and suicides in some of the legalized states. This decrease in the number of fatalities and suicides maybe as a result of marijuana properties that help to stabilize moods and ease depression.

A Surprising Benefit Men Love 

Erectile dysfunction is frustrating for many men, what about trying a natural cure? Besides, weed is highly recommended for its activation of feel-good hormones which could be the miracle you need to end this nightmare.

Prevent, Regulate and Heal Various Illnesses

Cannabis has been proven to control and prevent diabetes, regulates seizures and you may use it to assist in healing bones faster. Cannabinoids are known to be very effective pain relievers and may also be used to treat arthritis.

Are You on a Weight Loss Journey?

Cannabis may be your green juice to achieve your body goals. People using weed have shown to be slimmer on average. It helps to regulate and maintain your metabolism thereby assisting you to keep your desired and ideal weight.

Marijuana Has Been Known to Make You Happier

Being happier may translate to making you more productive at work or in whatever you are doing by helping with your creativity and even higher energy levels. There are also some specific strains that you can use in place of your regular sleeping pills for better sleep.

Safer Alternative

Cannabis is a safer alternative to alcohol and other drugs. Alcohol is among the leading causes of death in the US and has diseases and addiction associated with its use. According to CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent, less than 9% of marijuana users become addicted. It is not only a safer alternative but also a way to treat severe addictions to drugs such as cocaine and heroin.

In Colorado, there are more medical marijuana dispensaries than liquor stores and Starbucks.  This could be the business break you’ve been waiting for!