Digging Into the Numbers of Cannabis Real Estate Investments

Take a Deep-Dive And Discover Where YOU Can Cash In on Cannabis

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In this 30-min long webinar, Real Estate Investor, Speaker, Author and Award-winning Radio Host, Pete Asmus shares his top secrets for profiting from real estate investments and gives actionable insights for the future of investing. 

You’ll learn about the fastest growing opportunities in recent history and discover a few key (untapped) sub-segments that anyone can get involved in.

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From homeless to high-performance, meet Pete Asmus. This Navy veteran is an impassioned family man with a goal to INSPIRE and EDUCATE

Pete Asmus, GreenZone 360’s CEO is a speaker, author, motivator and real estate investor with a knack for making things HAPPEN. Right now, he is creating smart investment opportunities for anyone, no matter their financial status. He, along with his business partner, Mark Scarola, are creating accessible ways in which profitable investments can be easily obtained.

Pete’s human to human connection begins with a well-established history of securing capital, having raised over $10 million last year for projects such as flipping high-end residential properties and starting up small businesses.

A licensed real estate agent in California, he has personally purchased and invested in mobile homes, single-family homes, restaurant franchises, commercial buildings, and raw land. He is passionate about bringing his expertise in the industry to GreenZone360.com.