America’s GreenRush

How to use Commercial Real Estate to capitalize on the GreenRush and build generational wealth before it’s too late!

The Speaking Session (Thursday, Feb 1 • 11:00-11:30 am)

Pete Asmus, Greenzone Properties

How to use new cannabis laws to take your Real Estate investment higher

Get into the business WITHOUT GETTING INTO the business! The continued legalization of cannabis will have the single largest IMPACT on our economy for next 50 to 100 years or more. When the federal government repeals the prohibition of Cannabis, it will have a bigger impact than when the prohibition of Alcohol ended merely from a technologic and population point of view. Simply extrapolating beyond what the current States with legal Cannabis are making, we are looking at an emerging industry of TRILLIONS of dollars. From Cultivation to Retail, from Delivery services to Testing labs, the IMPACT this single product will have on our economy will be so enormous we can’t even truly quantify it yet. This is because most of what will happen hasn’t even been realized at this point.

We will discuss one of the biggest problems facing this emerging industry, and how WE are solving it. At GreenZone Properties, we are thinking 5, 10, 20 years into the future and laying down the foundation that will allow us to Skyrocket with this industry. We are looking at where this industry is heading, while we navigate where it currently is, and monetize it all the way from top to bottom. We are constantly assessing this new and emerging market, and realizing its challenges so we can facilitate an action-based solution that produces extraordinary results. In this breakout session, Pete Asmus, the CEO of GreenZone Properties, will be discussing where the opportunities are, and most importantly HOW to access them easily and effectively.

“Our main focus in this session is to introduce to you this once in a lifetime chance to create Generational Wealth!”

For instance, Colorado will collect 1 Billion in taxes alone this year, not to mention permits, local fees, etc. California is expected to do 2 Billion in Medical sales this year. Once California begins to sell Recreationally, experts anticipate a $15 Billion-dollar industry in The Golden State alone. So, how do you invest in this opportunity without your capital going up in smoke? We hope that you will come and learn what our plan is, how we are going to implement it, and how you can get involved! Tickets will be given to each attendee, and one lucky person will win a valuable prize at the end of the session.

Learn about this once-in-a-lifetime chance to create Generational Wealth at 9:30AM.

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