The GREENZONE Profit Blueprint Workshop

The Elementary Guide to the secrets, systems and strategies of this once-in-a-lifetime chance to create Generational Wealth

Workshop(9:30am-4:30pm) Before Oct 1:Workshop only 49.95 w/VIP Dinner $99.95
Location: Breakout Room 1 After Oct 1:Workshop only 74.95 w/VIP Dinner $149.95

If you are interested at all in the US Green Rush and want more information, then come hang out with us, have lunch, and learn how to get involved in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build Multi-Generational Wealth for you and your family. Our CEO, Pete Asmus, owns the Largest Real Estate Groups on LinkedIn, and the largest in the world, so he talks to Investors daily. A lot of investors we talk to are extremely excited about this opportunity and want to get involved, but they have no clue HOW to go about it. No one wants to partner with a local dealer, so you can see how this is now becoming a real industry and opportunity.

Come and learn how we are changing the game and taking over an industry. We will discuss one of the biggest problems facing this industry and how we are solving it. We are building out the first Regulation “A” which will allow anyone to invest in this industry now, whether you are accredited or not.

We will be discussing our whole system and breaking it down:

1. Why Now is the time and metrics to back it up
2. Breaking down the Industry

  1. Categories
  2. Opportunities
  3. What to watch out for

3. How we find the properties

  1. What websites
  2. What expos

4. How we find tenants
5. Case Studies and Pro-forma’s
6. How you can get involved

You will also get a thumb drive with all our docs, research and current opportunities on it.

The VIP Dinner(6:30pm- open)

For those of you who choose the VIP Lunch option (2-3 hours):

Once we are done with the Workshop, our team will go to lunch with all the VIP’s. We will hang out for as long as you want. We booked our flights out the following day so we can insure every question is answered. We will have subscription agreements there as well for anyone wanting to take action that day and get involved.

The GREENZONE Profit Blueprint [Itinerary]

Start Time: 6:30pm

Location: Meet in Lobby, if restaurant is off site we will be providing transportation
*subject to change based upon attendance numbers

-Workshop LocationTBD
9:30am-10am Introduction10am-11:15am Introductioninto the Green RUSH

Where the Zones are
How hard/easy it is to get access
What will you need to move forward

11:30-12:45 The [70/20] Strategy

The Nuts and Bolts
Anatomy of a Development Project
The high’s and low’s and the Genius
How to not get lost in the smoke and stay HIGH above the rest12:45-2pm LUNCH

2pm-3pm Opportunity Breakdown
Where they are
How the Specific Property breaks down
Pro-forma spreadsheet
PPM3pm-3:15pm BREAK 2
3:15-4:30 Creating Multi-Generational Wealth
Putting it all together
In Depth Case Study Q & A-VIP DinnerAt this point we will have about 30 min to break down all equipment and clear the room.
VIP’s will then have 90 min to get ready and meet in the lobby for the VIP dinner.


3391 Peachtree Road, N.E.
Atlanta, Georgia 30326 United States
Phone: (1)(404) 365-0065 Fax: (1)(404) 365-8787


"As always Pete gives great advice in a motivating and very implementable way. I strongly recommend absorbing his words and applying them to your goals. I'm looking forward to reading this next encouraging book!"

Greg Woolsey

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