How to Invest

How to Invest?

Download and review the Offering Circular below along with the Subscription Agreement. The Offering Circular (which is also available directly from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is a legal document to be reviewed. It is not necessary to sign or return this. The Subscription Agreement goes into further details about the fund.

In order to invest please fill out, sign, and return pages 13 and 14 of the Subscription Agreement along with a check made out to Alchemy Kings, Inc.

If you are not an accredited investor you cannot invest more than 10% of the greater of your net worth or annual income. You will need to provide evidence of your net worth or annual income. Please download the Net Worth Determination Sheet and Qualification Letters below and follow the instructions.

Please remember that the minimum investment is 100 shares and that you must purchase whole shares (no partial or fractional shares). For example if you wanted to invest $1000, you would buy either 238 shares for $999.60 or 239 shares for $1003.80.

Once completed you can mail the documents and your investment to:

Alchemy Kings, Inc
42062 B Street
Murrieta, CA 92562

Alternatively, you can email the documents to and only physically mail in your investment.

Offering CircularSubscription AgreementSEC LINK Net Worth Calculation Quaification Letter

Who Can Invest?

Investors do not need to be accredited to invest in this Fund. There are no restrictions as to who can invest, but there are some limits on how much you can invest if you are a non-accredited investor.

For Tier II offerings such as this one, non-accredited investors can invest up to 10% of the greater of either their annual income or net worth (not including their primary residence). There is no such restriction for accredited investors. Those seeking to invest more than the 10% limitation must verify and document their status as an accredited investor.

Furthermore, non-accredited investors can self-certify their income making for a simpler investment process and less paperwork required.

US and international investors are both able and welcome to invest in the 420 Fund.