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The legalization of recreational marijuana in numerous states has created a market and a great investment opportunity. Once federal law is liberalized to allow wider use of cannabis, which is the direction current developments have been leading to, this is going to be a sunrise industry with huge growth potentials. Our goal is to create a strong foundation in this new emerging market and be prepared for 2018 and beyond. We plan on doing this from multiple directions. From purchasing land and securing conditional use permits in various strategic locations in order to build out cultivation grows to manufacturing facilities and dispensaries.

Our initial plan is to develop and build out properties that can be sold or leased out for cultivation or manufacturing. Later, when retail stores allowing us the chance for the first time to provide a

federal law changes we plan to have a chain of dispensaries and truly reliable and consistently high quality product.

One of the major problems within this industry and one that will likely continue for some time is the stereotype that all people who take Cannabis are “Stoners”. In fact there is some truth to the fact that the industry is FILLED with lazy people who don’t understand business or possess a high work ethic. This industry has NEVER been treated like a real business UNTIL NOW. Our main goal is to help change this perception.

Over 48,000 people die from alcohol every year, 288,000 die from cigarettes and we all accept them as “OK”. Yet Cannabis which has ZERO DEATHS EVER is considered bad and harmful.


At the end of the day we know the opportunity with cannabis in unprecedented. This will be even bigger than the end of prohibition of alcohol, because the population is larger, the demand is greater, there is widespread acceptance, and because of technological advances. The winners in this sector will be the first ones out with a consistent, high grade product and an emphasis on quality customer service. Because of all the indoor hydroponics and the science that is now going into the manufacturing of extracts, the effectiveness of cannabis has increased ten fold. We can now prescribe certain strains for certain ailments decreasing the dependence on Big Pharma and prescription pills.

For these reasons and more we feel this is the right time to get in and establish our footprint, buying and owning the land and

buildings that are in the “Green Zone” or those that are zoned specifically for the Cannabis industry.Our mission within the next 5-8 years is to become the largest Landholder of such Green Zoned Properties. We will accomplish this through the acquisition of commercial real estate properties that we can then sell or lease-back to qualified tenants in the Cannabis Industry. For us at GreenZone Properties this is the foundation of what we are doing.

We feel at GreenZone Properties LLC that, no matter what happens, as the Cannabis Industry begins to explode over the next 5-8 years Nationally, that GREEN ZONED PROPERTIES are always going to be the best strategy for growth and stability [as real estate is in ANY sector].


With all the uncertainty in this emerging industry real estate is the one factor you can count on. At GreenZone Properties (GZP) we are buying up the landscape in this arena and GZP will be the largest GreenZone Property Management and Development Company in the country. We believe we can accomplish this because of how we work with and take care of our investors.

For every property we sell in our 50/50 Fund our investors will receive 50% of the net profits. For each property that we lease through the Fund, investors will also receive 50%. In other words you’ll get 50% whether we sell or rent a property to a tenant. Sales will help us to return your investment quickly, while leases will provide ongoing cashflow and residual income.

For our CEO Pete Asmus, he understands the power and value of our investors. For him this was the biggest piece, wanting to make sure that he was helping build multi-generational wealth for his investors as well as his own family.

So everyday we are looking for properties within the green zone that fit our criteria to put into our portfolio.

We are building a strong brand awareness along with solid investment models that are designed to build multi-generational wealth for our families and our investors. We only work with people we enjoy working with at this point, we’ve been doing this long enough we don’t need to just close a deal or get capital.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT EVERYONE. This is just as much a relationship for us as it is for you. Together we are both investing something into a relationship that we will prosper from. This relationship has to work for both of us. When we have an introductory meeting, as much as you are interviewing us and feeling us out to see if you want to work with us, we are doing the same. In order for us to have a successful relationship it all comes down to expectations. This is one reason why our CEO likes to meet each investor/partner personally, helping to insure the success of our partnership.

Our main goal is to make sure everyone’s expectations are realistic, and then do everything in our power to SHATTER those expectations.