Accredited AND Non-Accredited Investor Opportunity

We are starting a Reg A Fund geared toward getting Non-Accredited Investors the same ROI opportunities Accredited Investors typically get.  It only takes a minimum of $10K to get started, but once we’re funded the opportunity will be closed.

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A New Opportunity

We’re starting a new fund that will allow us to legally accept non-accredited investors and paying a bonus to the first few people to get involved.

Traditionally most investment funds are only made available to accredited investors (those with a high income or high net worth). But we’re changing things up. By investing a minimum of $10K today you can earn the type of returns normally only seen by those investing ten times that amount.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Have the Same Opportunities?

The Securities and Exchange Commission has these regulations in place in order to protect those with less money. Investment funds tend to be illiquid meaning that unlike investing in a common stock there’s no market where you can easily and quickly sell your investment should you decide that you want to get out or need your money back for another purpose.

But just because a person doesn’t meet certain financial thresholds doesn’t mean that they aren’t a sophisticated and educated investor. This is why GreenZone Properties is offering this unique opportunity.

Regulation A

Investment funds that are not public (meaning they can’t be traded on the stock market) have to abide by certain regulations set forth by the Securities and Exchange Committee. One of the lesser used, but more flexible forms of these funds is what’s known as a Regulation A fund.

Most investment companies will not use a Regulation A offering because they can be very expensive and difficult to set up. Legal fees can easily exceed six figures per filing with many law firms charging up to $300,000 just to get the fund up and running. Most attorneys in fact either are unable or unwilling to assist in the preparation of this still relatively new type of fund because they can be difficult to set up and entail a liability that many lawyers are not willing to take. The other challenge is that not all applications for a Regulation A fund are approved.

Of course once these obstacles are overcome, Regulation A funds can be especially successful, allowing the fund manager both the opportunity to advertise and to accept funds from non-accredited investors. Traditionally fund managers have been made to choose between the two.

The Details

With your investment, GreenZone Properties will establish a new Regulation A fund and make you a Founding Member. This will entitle you not only to the regular fund returns that all investors will get, but a generous Founder’s Fee: a bonus percentage of the profits given only to those who get involved now.

Your actual percentage will vary based upon the amount you invest and the total amount raised in the fund. But we are setting aside a separate 2% of ALL profits made by the fund to give as a bonus strictly to our Founding Members.

For example, if we raise $200,000 from Founding Members and you personally invested $40,000 you would be entitled to an additional 20% of the bonus.

When you consider that the total fund is anticipated to raise $20 million or more that bonus can become very significant. If the total return on $20 million was a very conservative 25% we would share a profit of $5 million. This would mean you would earn a return on your investment from that $5 million profit just like any other investor PLUS earn an additional $20,000 as your Founder’s Fee.

  • Founders Fee ($250K) 36% 36%

Are You Ready To Get Involved Today?

We want to make this rare opportunity available to as many people as possible and make sure that you fully understand what’s being offered. We’re about building long-term relationships with investors and not just accepting cash from anyone.

Give us a call today at 800-515-3141 to learn more or fill out the form below and we’ll call you right back.