Greenzone opportunities

We want to help you! That’s why we’ve structured these green-related investment opportunities so ANYONE can get involved.

Whether you’re a single mom or a high-powered attorney. Whether you have $420 in your account, or $4 million. Check out our current projects below, and revisit often as we will be updating often!

Now you can get into the BOOM without getting into the Business.

Current Opportunities

DHS Industrial Park


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  • Timeframe: under 12 months
  • Minimum Investment: $50,000
  • Phase 2 Required Capital: $1.2M
  • ROi: 96% on sold units
  • Cashflow: $8300 (Per 100k) on the hold Units

Remaining Capital to Secure for DHS TRIANGLE: $850k

  • CLOSE ON PROPERTY ($1.2M) 100% 100%
  • PHASE 2 ($1.2M) 56% 56%
  • ENTIRE FUND ($7M) 41% 41%


We talk to a lot of people who are interested in getting involved because they can see the momentum but don’t know how to get involved… Well here is your answer!

We are buying properties located within Green Zones (those approved for cannabis-related activity) that we can develop, selling most of the buildings and keeping a few to lease out in 3-5 year increments. We know this segment is growing at a rapid rate and it is estimated to do over $1 billion in California alone in 2018. Our goal is to acquire as much land and property in this “Zone” as possible. Now is the time to get involved!