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Pete Asmus



The Early Years 

At 16 years old Pete found himself in an unfortunate situation which caused him to live in a group home. With nothing but a deep-down drive to prove his worth and with no support at the time, Pete knew he had to make something of himself, so he joined the Navy at age 18.

During his Navy stint, Pete became a disciplined go-getter. The foundation of a structured environment, along with his internal motivation to be successful, allowed him to launch into his twenties with an open mind and heart. Pete knew he had what it took to not only succeed in life but also help others along the way.  

He understood what it meant to “feel all alone” and wanted to create a solution for other kids who grew up in the system with no resources or family to lean on.

Pete explored a variety of avenues including electronics, going to community college and even starting a sketch comedy group. But none offered him the chance to reach his dream or achieve his goal of helping others succeed.

Pete knew he had to make a change. He knew he was destined for something more.

Pete’s journey led him to sales, which eventually landed him in real estate and then investing and teaching others about it. He was fortunate to travel the country with his mentors and he absorbed as much as he could about the industry. It was during this time he recognized two things that kept coming up, investors needed to make money now and in the long term.

That’s when Pete had an “aha!” moment, he thought how do we solve that? How do we solve that problem? And the idea of GreenZone360 was born.  

“After growing up in the system and living in a group home, I wanted to create a platform that anyone, INCLUDING the person ‘I’ was at 18, could invest in to create a better, stronger and healthier future.” ~ Pete Asmus

Pete Asmus Today

Today Pete Asmus is a high-performance real estate investor with a passion for creating smart investment opportunities for anyone, no matter their financial status. He, along with his business partner, Mark Scarola, are creating accessible ways in which profitable investments can be easily obtained.

Pete’s human to human connection begins with a well-established history of securing capital, having raised over $10 million last year for projects such as flipping high-end residential properties and starting up small businesses.

A licensed real estate agent in California, he has personally purchased and invested in mobile homes, single-family homes, restaurant franchises, commercial buildings, and raw land. He is passionate about bringing his expertise in the industry to

Driven for Performance

Pete has always been driven to build platforms and strategies that he not only could personally invest in but that would also provide opportunities for other investors.

A strong proponent of transparency and openness, he always includes his investors (who he prefers to call partners) in his decisions. It is always a primary focus for him to take care of and look out for his all partners, aiming to create truly win/win relationships and business models.

Speaker, Presenter, Thought-Leader

Mr. Asmus has gained a national reputation, personally training thousands of students and helping them to find the right investment opportunities to match their goals and objectives. He is also a regular public speaker and a published author, having written Force Your Dreams into Reality, The Question Factor, and The Stock Market Refugee. Additionally, he is an editor at Investor Quarterly and an award-winning radio host. He also manages a network of over 4.5 million investors and owns the world’s largest LinkedIn real estate investment group with over half a million members.

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The Future. Now.

As CEO of GreenZone 360, Pete is putting all of his efforts towards building one of the nation’s premier cannabis investment companies, with a focus on real estate development and building businesses by partnering with smaller companies and growth-minded entrepreneurs.

Insisting not simply on making a profit, but a difference, Mr. Asmus uses his creativity to find ways to improve the communities in which his businesses operate while also generating a healthy return for investors.

Family First

More than a businessman, Pete is an unflinchingly loyal family man whose children can frequently be seen when he’s conducting business, either sitting at a nearby table, taking pictures and video, or simply observing their father in action as he instills in them the seeds of their own future success.

Of particular personal interest, Mr. Asmus is a staunch advocate for public education on Alopecia.

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