APN is 437-200-023 [San Jacinto, CA]

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GreenZone Property Opportunity

Please see attached Parcel Map for 4.89 acres fronting San Jacinto Blvd; San Jacinto CA. The APN is 437-200-023. The listing price is $1,810,571.00 ($8.50 sq. ft.). This is a steal for property zoned in this area.  No entitlements have been done on property which is one reason we are getting it for the price, but the other reason was the seller was from out of the country and just wanted to move this asset.  We now have the ability to make money all the way up the development ladder.

First we will asses our different options and choose the one that is best for our long term goal.  We will be working with the City of San Jacinto and our Local Architect to develop this project in order to create more jobs for the city of San Jacinto, increase their income from taxes and permitting while beautifying the area and increasing local economy and real estate prices.  As soon as we get through the permitting phase we will be starting to pre sale or lease our development and be able to offset a lot of our build costs with deposits from tenants or buyers if we choose to sell individual buildings.

GreenZone Properties LLC is the Developer/Project Manager on this project along with the advisory team Pete Asmus has put together. Our goal is to be the largest land owner in GreenZoned Properties.  At this site we will be developing a secure Industrial complex for the Cannabis Industry and will lease out our facilities.  By doing this we leapfrog over the current developers profit and we are able to add that back into our bottom line for our Investors.

The city of San Jacinto does allow your use, see attached from their zoning maps/allowable uses.