Thank You

Thank You. We Received your Vesting Form

Please take a couple minutes to complete these forms and secure your spot in this project.  We MUST have these filled out and at min your photo Id to process your submission.

In order to complete all the Vesting Information, we have a few more things to finish up (per our attorneys)  in order to go to docs and fund this project.  We use Towbridge & Sidoti LLP for all our documents and we need these forms completed to remain in compliance.

To make this as simple as possible fill the forms below. Make sure you fill out all three to the best of your ability. Some things may not apply to you.  If you have any questions you can email myself at or who is our Compliance officer and will ensure we have all necessary documentation to move forward. If you have a deal specific question you can reach out to me as I am point on all of these projects.

The two forms are- the Investor Questionnaire and SEC Suitability Disclosure forms.  The Investor Questionnaire only needs to be updated once per year, however we will need to update the other one with each new deal.

Fill Out Forms and Upload Your Docs to Complete Vesting Information

  1. Investor Questionnaire (RE870)
  2. Investor Securities Disclosure

Lastly, Upload all relevant documents below

  1. Attach a copy of a photo ID. (This is for compliance purposes.)
  2. If you have a Corp. or LLC we will also need these documents…
    • Operating Agreement (For corporation or partnership only)
    • For Corporation: Articles of Incorporation
    • For Partnerships: Articles of Organization
    • For Trusts: Articles of Trust
  3. If you have ANY special requirements due to an IRA or Custodian
    • We need those in writing, with any documents specific to your IRA.

Upload Documents

Sometimes our emails will go to spam if you are a new user, member or investor. To help ensure this doesn’t happen to you, make sure you check your spam folder and if our email is there, move it and approve our emails so you don’t miss an update, opportunity or opening in a project.