Alchemy Kings Fund

What Is It?

The Alchemy Kings 420 Fund is America’s only active cannabis fund open and available to all investors and featuring full vertical integration. Interested investors need not be accredited or of certain financial means in order to participate.

Technically speaking, the Alchemy Kings 420 Fund is a Regulation A+ Tier II private investment fund.

This new fund invests in a wide variety of diverse businesses within the cannabis industry, emphasizing professionalism in an industry often plagued with stereotypes and unrealistic expectations. We partner with companies and individuals who have a proven business track record, and not simply a dream.

We are only focused on Testing Labs and Real Estate.

What Kind of Return Can I Expect?

The companies that we are partnering with are a combination of established business with a track record and newly established companies with limited financial records. Investors are encouraged to consider financial projections carefully. We are actively interviewing a wide variety of different businesses, some of whom may and others who will not end up in the Fund.

We are also building a laboratory testing facility. When most people think of getting into the cannabis industry they think of cultivation. But with so many people focused on growing, there are some gaps in the market. One major gap at the moment is in laboratory testing which is why we’re starting our own lab to test the potency, purity, quality, and consistency of products from other producers. Third-party verification is very important and we will soon be providing this essential service.

Initial projections are provided below. The expenses in the table do not account for the acquisition of a building and/or preparing the building to be operational. These additional costs are expected to be approximately $21,397 per month. This translates to an overall profit of $173,167 each month after the initial nine months where one-time costs are being paid off. During the first year this would generate a 52% ROI for investors. That return would be significantly higher after the first year.