The adoption and spread of mobile apps is one of the ways in which modern tech is impacting the cannabis industry. Just like all other industries, the young cannabis sector cannot excel and realize its full potential without adopting mobile app technology. As this post progresses, I will show you eight hot mobile applications different players in the cannabis industry can optimize to give their businesses a competitive edge. So, I welcome you to be my guest as I discuss these mobile apps in detail. 

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Amp Up Your Cannabis Business With Apps

1. WeedMaps

With the cannabis mobile app, WeedMaps, your customers don’t need to ask Siri to find your dispensary. Instead, they only need to consult this app, which many have branded the “Google maps of cannabis dispensaries.” The program displays maps of all the available dispensaries close to you. It also enables you to see reviews and menus. 

2. Merry Jane

Merry Jane is another app that could boost your cannabis business and give you a competitive edge. With this app on your Android and Apple device, you can get all the information you need. For example, it gives them the latest stories on the marijuana business, culture, health, reviews, and menus. This app also allows users to access product catalogs where they can browse and buy different cannabis products such as concentrates and edibles. Due to its streamlined and sleek nature, many users have hailed it the “Twitter” of cannabis. 

3. GrowBuddy

As the name suggests, GrowBuddy is every grower’s and would-be grower’s best friend. The app is critical since it facilitates the core (growing) of the cannabis industry, without which there would be no cannabis entirely. With this app, growers can track the methods, progress, changes, and experiments they tried during their cultivation processes. This app will assist farmers to digitize their farming processes, all that in an anonymous and encrypted manner. 

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4. High There

High There, the Android and iOS app, users can find and connect with people who share similar cannabis behaviors. The app allows them to know how the other person likes consuming cannabis and spends their “high times.”  

5. MassRoots

As the “Facebook” of cannabis, MassRoots allows users to interact with each other on Apple and Android devices. Using this tool, users and various industry players can check out cannabis-related content and local news. Moreover, they can post pics and videos, read information and reviews, and check out what their buddies post in their social feeds. 

6. Eaze

Eaze is the undisputed “Uber” of cannabis. This application is effective in delivering cannabis products within 15 minutes to medical prescription holders. The app serves users in Californian counties that have legalized cannabis for recreational consumption.  

7. Leafly

Leafly is an application that is suitable for iOS and Android users. The app offers users comprehensive information and reviews on various cannabis strains. It also guides doctors in writing marijuana prescriptions. By utilizing this program, users can get information and updates on various dispensaries, how cannabis strains differ and marijuana legalization. So, if you want to interact with cannabis from an informed position, then you need to download Leafly on your smart device. 

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8. Releaf

As the medical cannabis industry grows and gains acceptance, medical cannabis apps are fast becoming necessary. With this in mind, Releaf entered the medical marijuana space aiming to change how medical cannabis works. This app has gained the approval of many consumers since any user can enjoy it. Medical marijuana patients can use the program to track their consumption in relation to the ailments they are treating. For example, the application records the tools patients use and the dispensaries that supply their cannabis products. 

Moreover, users can benefit from the program in real-time as they monitor their cannabis experiences. The app provides consumers with graphs and charts of what works best for them in their unique and personal circumstances. For users seeking to know how cannabis impacts them uniquely—as opposed to which strain works best for them—then Releaf is the ideal tool for the job. 

Mobile application technology is one of the technologies transforming the cannabis industry in various positive ways. These apps are beneficial to different investors and users at various marijuana industry levels. In this post, I explored the eight leading apps consumers and investors can exploit to gain a competitive edge in this blossoming industry. I hope this discussion opened your eyes to see the ones that suit your business and target consumers best.