Who we are

Who Is GreenZone360?

GreenZone360 is a national real estate development and fund management company whose primary focus is on the cannabis industry. We offer investments in a real estate only portfolio or in a diversified portfolio of vertically-integrated businesses covering the entire industry. From cultivation to the customer experience we are capitalizing on every step to monetize your investment throughout the entire process. Our funds deliver both security and profitability in an emerging industry with unparalleled returns, providing you the opportunity to create multi-generational wealth.

How We Work

Pete Asmus on Great Day Washington DCGreenZone360 is using investor capital raised using a private placement fund to purchase real estate that will be developed for use in the cannabis industry. We are looking at the cultivation, manufacturing, and retail spaces. Once developed, these locations will be sold or leased to carefully screened individuals already established in the cannabis industry in states and municipalities where such activity is legally permitted. Investors will share in a portion of both sales and leased properties, with the specific financial structure depending on the particular fund.

Our team is actively seeking out commercial, industrial, and retail properties as well as raw land to purchase, develop, and then sell or lease out to individuals already firmly ingrained in the cannabis industry. We are looking specifically at properties that can be used for cultivation (growing) and manufacturing (processing), along with dispensaries (retail sales). Separate entities will be created for each such that those investors not comfortable with the retail side of things can still invest in cultivation and/or manufacturing.

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Our Vision

Our Vision is within the next 5-8 years is to become the largest Landholder of Green Zoned Properties. Our Mission is to accomplish this through the acquisition of commercial real estate properties we can then lease-back to qualified tenants in the Cannabis Industry. For us, at GreenZone360 this is the foundation of what we are doing.

With all the uncertainty in this emerging industry, real estate is the one factor you can count on. At GreenZone360 we are buying the landscape in this arena and we will be the largest GreenZone Property Management and Development Co. in the country. We believe we can accomplish this because of how we work with and take care of our investors in perpetuity. For our CEO Pete Asmus, he understands the power and value of our investors, so he personally ensured that every fund they do has three solutions: Cash now, cash flow and cash later. For him this was the biggest piece, he wanted to make sure that he was helping build multi-generational wealth for his investors as well as his own family.

Pete Asmus and Mark Scarola
Please understand When we are creating partnerships, this is just as much a relationship for us as it is for you.  Together we are investing in long-term relationships that we can both prosper from. When we do our intro or discovery as much as you are interviewing us and feeling us out to see if you want to work with us, we are doing the same.

In order for us to have a successful relationship, it all comes down to expectations. Our main goal is to make sure everyone’s expectations are realistic and then we do everything in our power to SHATTER those expectations.